Saturday, 5 March 2011

Quest: Kickapoo Joy Juice

I must confess that I have neglected to relate a very important quest in my time here in Singapore. The quest may not, at first glance, appear substantial. It may even appear a tad odd, or the slightest degree silly. But let me assure you, my friends, that with the correct mindset of whimsy, the quest is indeed most significant.

I speak of course of the quest for the Kickapoo Joy Juice. Long ago, Jason and I were breakfasting at my local canteen, taking in the sights of the Singaporean food court. We beheld a large sign depicting various delicious drinks, such as Passion Fruit Tea and 100 Isotonic Beverage. And including a green can labeled, “Kickapoo Joy Juice.” Delighted by the name, we searched the beverage refrigerators in hopes of trying this alliterative drink sure to bring delight. But alas, our search was in vain, as no joy juice was to be had that morning. But did we give up? No!

Our quest continued in the days following. Wherever we went, our search for the joy juice continued. But the drink was seemingly undiscoverable! Even the whole of Little India, it seemed, was lacking in the happy substance. When we were on the verge of despair, advertisements, both large and small, would invigorate our desire to find the drink.
One such sign, which led us to keep searching.
Finally, on that auspicious occasion, the eve of the Chinese New Year, we resolved our quest. On a little street called the food street, filled with hawker stalls and umbrellas sheltering clusters of security cameras...

Actual security cameras in an actual umbrella
...a little drink stand held our quest item. Whatever the taste of the beverage, whatever the results of its consumption, the item had already lived up to its name! I tell you truly that Kickapoo Joy Juice brought smiles to our faces at the completion of a quest so long in our logs.

What could such a can of wonder contain? Pouring of the drink revealed a bright, carbonated beverage. As such, the drink provided Jason the opportunity to weigh his love of bright colors and his dislike of strong carbonation. The dislike of carbonated beverages won out, and he discovered that Kickapoo’s was not his sort of joy. I, on the other hand, have no such qualms about delightful dissolved gas forming into little happy bubbles that fizzle when you drink. No, in fact, I quite like carbonation, as I also like Kickapoo Joy Juice. Witness the joy:
*After picture technically taken before Before picture
It tasted almost the same as Mountain Dew, in fact, which is a very tasty beverage in my opinion. The similarity continues, as each is complemented by a decent kick of caffeine. So in the end, I must conclude that Kickapoo Joy Juice could indeed raise my spirits, but I’m not likely to purchase it again. So, unless Microsoft adds it to the list of beverages they stock in the fridges, I probably won’t be having it again anytime soon.

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