Saturday, 7 May 2011

Phuket: a brief summary

1. The beach is awesome, and 
2. Relatively nice hotels are worth the higher price.

I knew these two truths before Jason and I departed for Phuket last Sunday, but they were impressively confirmed during our stay.  I’m tempted to say, “having learned from our Malaysia trip, we booked a nicer hotel to stay at,” but that would be a lie.  We booked Boomerang Village well before Spring Break, having done some internet research to confirm its excellence.  And excellent it was.

Our 'room' at Boomerang Village, which had an ocean view out of its tinted sliding-class (did I say 'class'? I meant 'glass') doors

An unreal number of orchids adorned the clean, pleasantly decorated, air-conditioned room

That ocean was not far away at all, accessible at the lovely Kata beach.  Here we enjoyed boogey boarding, general swimming, and reading, all of which were delightful.  Furthermore, we went on a day-long tour that took us to three nearby islands, two of which are among the “Phi Phi” islands.  More lovely beaches, plus snorkeling amongst many colorful fishes and pretty coral.

More on them later, I hope, but here's a taste for now:
Can you find Rose?

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