Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Singapore's still got some tricks up it's sleeve...

While much of what was new to me in Singapore is now old hat, this past weekend showed me that this land still has plenty of surprises.

Exhibit A:
A grove of giant carrots.
There's more after the break. Click "read more" to see it.

Exhibit B:
A mashed-potatoes vending machine. 
The machine's only button.

Exhibit C:
an even bigger merlion. This one has a staircase inside that you can climb up and see the view from inside the merlion's mouth.

Exhibit D:
now that's what I call a wave pool.

Exhibit E: For those of you who aren't familiar with Magnum, it's a brand of ice cream bar. They have an interesting flavor here:
it's just as fun to say its name as it is to eat it.

Exhibit F: you never know what the bathroom signs will look like. Sometimes they're creatively stylized (like one that showed a boy playing a video game and a girl putting on makeup...). Sometime's they're just... different.
This one's life-sized.
That's all for now. Please forgive me for posting twice in one day! don't miss the other post, either. It has more surprises :).


  1. As part of the blogging competition, here is the latest interesting thing from France.

    Ice skating on the Tour Eiffel. Yes, on the tower.


  2. Jason, this is my favorite picture so far. How did they ever think of doing that. Fun.
    Grandma Darlene

  3. "mashed potatoes"

    I think all buttons should have that written on them