Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dance-deficient Diversions

Wow. Time is moving fast here now. A consequence of becoming more comfortable, no doubt. The week has a routine feel to it in some ways, now, and I must admit, I like it. Sometimes, when some of the novelty wears off, what is left is something a little less lustrous than before. The excitement can wane as time passes, as I have experienced in other places. Here, though, I the newness was too thick on Singapore, and the wearing away of a bit of it has left the place looking much nicer than before. I can better appreciate the gorgeous greenery that Jason was so fond of on that first day. I can exult in the wonder of the common lightning storms.
Much has happened…. I will try to relate the most interesting parts that are still in recent memory.
On Friday night, Jason, Lexi, a boy from Harvy Mudd named Ozzie, and I set out to attempt to go line dancing in Chinatown. The internet and Jason’s guidebook agreed that this was a fun activity, if a little strange. We found a website with information so up-to-date that they had the song list for the 25th of February, 2011. This inflated our hopes, though a small discrepancy in location between pages on that same website did raise eyebrows. We set up with happiness in our hearts, ready to dance, despite the pouring rain.
After forging our path on a mostly direct route, we arrived at the Far East Square, the location which had the most internet sources citing it as the destination our fellowship sought. But, lo and behold, there were no dancers! Not too surprising, as the place was rather wet, but Jason was bold enough to ask, anyway. After three consecutive people each got his or her coworker (with better English), Jason eventually got the information he desired. The square had indeed once held many joyous dancers, but these were in times past. Now, no line dancers would be found.
At least, not there. Maybe at the other place the internet suggested. Maybe one of these days we’ll be curious enough to find out.
In any case, we were then in Chinatown with no plans. After some enjoyable aimlessness and indecision, we decided to go to the “hacker space,” one of Ozzie’s favorite hangouts. The place is discretely located amidst restaurants, just a simple door in the wall labeled “hacker space.” A group of people approached and greeted Ozzie. We walked inside together.
Within, the space was closer to an Olin lounge than other space I can think to compare to. There were sketches, both of art and business, computers, some nerdy artwork, and a couple of guitars. And soft chairs in which we sat. The people inside were either working or chatting. The one that talked with us the most was using the space to work on a tech solution for education.
Jason, Lexi, and I agreed that the place reminded us of the historical salons of the enlightenment era. Only, without the rich lady funding them :p An interesting experience, to be sure.
The next day began with delightful relaxation. In the evening, Jason and I went to dinner and a movie, except dinner consisted of the most fabulous ice cream sundae ever! It had oodles of ice cream of the vanilla and green tea varieties. And plenty of tasty fruit and other treats as toppings. We then saw I am Number Four, which I really enjoyed. At the theater, when you buy a ticket, it comes with a seat number and everything! So buying your tickets early is what counts, not getting to the show early.
I’m not sure the world really wants me to be able to go dancing, but I may still attempt again on Sunday, for swing dancing. I hope it will happen this week, as opposed to last week! But even if it does not, it will take more than that to make this anything less than an excellent weekend.

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