Friday, 18 February 2011

A note on classes

Just so you don't think all Singaporeans do is eat, let's pause to consider the educational experience!

For the sake of brevity, I will do it in limericks.

Gene Therapy is rather dry.
Three-hour lectures antagonize.
The professor teaches,
In long-winded speeches,
And an accent that makes me sigh.

I am fond of Product Design.
It sharpens the creative mind.
A watering can,
That's in high demand,
Is what the professor assigned.

Accounting's my favorite course.
The lectures are are large but terse.
I peruse the book,
In the library nook,
And love the logical verse.

Marketing's a fair bit of fun.
Examples of what can be done,
Are used to express,
Her lessons the best,
Then students show ads they've begun.

That just about covers everything!

I will add that it is interesting to notice the cultural differences in the classroom. The nice professors here are careful to water-down correction with lots of praise. They seem to be afraid to give you clear direction, since you might take their critique too personally. This results in my general state of confusion.

Another peculiar moment was when students stood at attention to read their answers in tutorial. Apparently the formality is beaten in them during primary school.

Happy Weekend!

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