Friday, 11 February 2011

Demanding Patience

Sometimes, it feels like the world conspires against you. Sometimes, it's something big and horrible that happens. Sometimes, like during the past handful of days for me, it is a lot of little things that go wrong all in a row. Mostly, all the world, but mostly NTU's bad internet, has conspired against my ability to play WoW.

About a week ago now, I attempted to play a heroic dungeon in WoW, but my interent connection was so poor that I could not enter. Not only this, but I could not enter WoW at all, my character being trapped in the nether of a load-screen that terminated only by disconnecting. I was at the mercy of dungeon reset at 3am server time, or the aid of my wonderful Mother.

This happened multiple times, and left me with the sad realization that I can only do heroics on *really* off-peak interent hours at my school. With this crippling disability, what was I to do in WoW? Well, one of the only other viable means of improving my character is archeology, so I took that up. Only a few days ago did I realize my good fortune in beginning this task before the patch! The barrier to entry to archeology is now somewhat higher, but I am already past it. So perhaps in this small way, the slow internet indirectly produced a good thing.

This said, that very same patch revealed yet another very unfortunate result of bad internet. The small 140MB patch took 11 hours to download. Yes, that's right, 11 hours. So no WoW on Tuesday. Then, Friday, when I was looking forward to playing, especially with the possibility of finally getting my new dragon mount, my laptop AC adapter unexpectedly died. I didn't even abuse it. How could an adapter be so inconsiderate?

All that said, the tides did eventually turn. I got my dragon on Sunday. Jason graciously let me borrow his power adapter so I could play :) I even got a new piece of gear the same night from a heroic I was able to enter! A happy time, indeed. Here is my character riding atop the Drake of the West Wind in all its glory:

I've been having a lot of fun in the real world, too! We saw the Chingay Parade on Friday night, and went to Sentosa to see flowers and Fort Siloso on Saturday. I do believe Jason will do these events better justice, as he once again took many delightful photos :)

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  1. WoW, how did I not know until now that you have a blog? I really enjoyed reading your posts so far. Things have been chugging along here, but I miss playing Dominion with y'all. I hope you're getting to play a few games, or better yet you're learning new Singaporean games.

    Jacob West