Saturday, 30 April 2011


It's been eight days since I left Bali. Since then, I've had two final presentations and traveled to South Korea by way of KL. I don't really remember what I was going to write about the island. So, I've decided just to share some haunting images from long, long ago (i.e. last week).

Kuta. A city built for tourists.

It's hard to beat a sunset on the beach. (Unless of course, it's a sunset over the Rocky Mountains. But since this is about the beach, let's just pretend that those sunsets are the best.)

Farming in the hill country. Backbreaking and beautiful.

Temple on the lake. The volcano we hiked is behind on the right and totally engulfed by clouds.

Funky statue with a spirit living inside him. The Balinese people are predominantly Hindus.

Offerings were left on the sidewalks everyday for the spirits.

Little chicks, cruising in a cage on the back of a bicycle, and sold in plastic bags.

How I feel about Bali.

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