Thursday, 14 April 2011

Poems on Everyday Things

Well, I haven’t posted in a while. We have explored Singapore pretty effectively, and there hasn’t been too much going on with me that is not part of what I’d consider normal college life. Lexi says it’s National Poetry Month, so maybe I will spice up some of my daily routine with a little rhyme and meter.

Artsy Library
Entertaining, Teaching, Chronicling
Comic geeks in heaven

That one was a cinquain. There are so many types of cinquain, that the word really doesn’t tell you much more than that the poem is five lines long. The Arts, Design, and Media Library has provided both Jason and me many, many hours of joy, mostly through comic books and movies (not to mention the A/C!). Alright. Too much prose – need poem:

Eat more sushi to better please
Your culinary expertise.
Come with a hearty appetite
To slowly soothe in delight
As fishes from the seven seas
Enchant your tastes with gentle ease.
What magic do the Japanese
Impart to each and every bite!
Eat more sushi,
And a happy heart you’ll soon seize;
Your many worries, you’ll appease.
Forsooth, the day is ever bright
When sashimi relieves your plight.
And so I end with this reprise:
Eat more sushi.

That was an attempt at a rondeau. They are a lot harder. But Japanese food is worth the effort! I don’t think any non-dessert item can beat some good salmon sashimi with sushi rice, soy sauce, and a tiny bit of wasabi. So good! Japanese food has become an important part of my diet in Singapore, much to my delight :D

I hope your day is filled with excellent reading material and good food!

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  1. You guys totally rock this poetry nonsense! I'm impressed.

    You know, I only looked up that bit about April being the National Poetry Month after I wrote my ode. I felt I needed justification for subjecting people to it. :P