Friday, 21 January 2011

By Golly Gee Whiz

I've decided on a full disclosure policy.

This is Lexi.

Phew. There. Glad to get that off my chest. Now I can't pretend that Jason or Rose wrote this snappy little piece of nonsense.

I'll spare you gruesome details of travel and simply offer up this limerick.

I sat in an exit row seat,
So that I could stretch out my feet.
With legs propped on the door,
I wanted to snore,
But, they kept waking me up to eat!

Interesting Fact: I sat next to the same gentleman for two flights. Exit-row-seat-sitters unite!

I suppose I should know his life story after 21 hours of companionship, but he was a stoic sort. I used my Hercule Poirot observation skills to deduce that he likes woodworking and is partial to peanuts. Our two minute conversation revealed that he is in Singapore on business.

He proved his true value as a traveling mentor however, when the time came to fill out visa forms, and again when I didn't know which line to pass through at customs. Thank you middle-aged businessmen with wisdom to spare!

My kind and generous distantly-related family came to pick me up when I arrived. I tried to sit in the driver's seat of their car, unintentionally. They just laughed at me. Silly backwards Americans.

They wanted to feed me, but I just wanted a shower. The situation was happily resolved.

Now, I am at NTU. I bought a slice of yellow watermelon and got lost 'round the campus. I think I'm addicted to mango. It is very humid. There is a freeway outside my window. I have no hangers. My roommate is from Korea. I can't remember anyone's name that I met at orientation. The end.

Next goal: use the shuttle that runs through campus instead of walking everywhere.


  1. The comment about taking the shuttle makes me think this is not actually Lexi...

  2. Meryl - agreed. Maybe the humidity has something to do with it :P