Monday, 24 January 2011

a few thousand words-worth of pictures

everything in Singapore is clearly labelled with a number. even the trees and lampposts.

Singapore's downtown has some impressive buildings. We took the liberty of naming them after fruits and other things.
From left: The clementine building and the canoe-on-top building
the durian building.

They also have this great giant merlion water-fountain we all drank out of!

And there's much, much more:
Orchard St. has MORE SHOPPING THAN YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR. It has mall after mall after mall after mall... and a statue of an avocado (in the lower-right). mm, shopping & food -- two of Singapore's strongest points.

Speaking of which, here's our unexpected food of the day:
...chomp chomp milkcurd!


  1. singapore is one of my dreams loving country..i love singapore

  2. singapore is amazing city........

    it rocks....a city full of enjoyment,jobs, sea , sentosa, merlion ,, and many more to see......

    last but not the least singapore rockss...