Monday, 31 January 2011

Mystery of the Lost Roommate

Since Jason has already told you about the Night Safari and our exploration into Little India, I will focus on two other aspects of the weekend:

The disappearance of my roommate


The events of Sunday

So on Friday night, I arrived back to my dorm room late, since I had gone to the night safari. I’d last been there just after dinner, and at that point in time, all was as expected. There were sheets on both beds. My roommate’s refrigerator, printer, computer, etc. were all in their proper places. When I got home that night, I found something quite different.

The whole set of my roommates possessions were eerily absent. What had happened? No thief would be so thorough, and all of my items were all left untouched. This could not be a temporary departure – that little refrigerator had to have been pretty heavy, after all! There was nothing in written or digital form to tell me what had occurred in this space. She hadn’t mentioned anything about leaving. The departure must have been fast, rushed, even. I had only been gone for around seven hours.

Had something terrible happened? Did she just really not like my company?

I sent a text and went to bed, concerned, but too tired to do much about it. When I awoke in the morning, I still had no news, so I did a little more Facebook research. I learned that she had moved to some other dorm room on campus, but exactly where and why were still a mystery.

Eventually, she responded to my text, and all was revealed. She’d gotten notice that her request for a single room that she’d put in a long time ago had finally gone through. She would have been charged for remaining in the old room, so she had to leave as soon as she found out.

And so the explanation was relatively uninteresting. But now I have no roommate at all, though someone new may move in. Time will tell.

As for Sunday, mysteries of a more culinary sort presented their solutions. A few of Lexi’s rather distant relations showed us around a bit on Sunday. First, they dropped us off at the National Museum. This was a delightful adventure, where we learned a lot about the history of Singapore. In addition, there was a room that contained a bunch of common Singaporean ingredients, labeled and explained. This was my favorite room of all, and I only wish I could better remember all that I read!

Afterwards, we went out for chilli crab. I’m rather ill-equipped to comment on the goodness of this dish, as it was my first attempt to eat crab. I was not very skilled at extracting the elusive meat, but what I did taste was quite good. The other dishes were also very yummy. :)

So this weekends, besides having tons of fun touristing, my roommate mysteriously disappeared, and I learned yet more about delicious Singaporean cuisine!

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