Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Is it weird that I'm posting this?

Probably. But it seems most efficient.

You see, I was going to narrate the touching story of the Lonesome Lizard, but instead of just telling you, I have chosen to let you experience the moment for yourself! Via old Skype conversations!

A quick ctl + c and ctl + v later, and voilà...

nilgolodh: Hey, Jason, do you want to go to lil India this weekend?
Jas: sure
Jas: what about Lexi?
Lexi: alive
Jas: good, good
nilgolodh: She's the one who suggested it
Jas: oh, I see
Jas: excellent
nilgolodh: when shall we go?
Lexi: there's a super fast micro lizard on my wall
Lexi: what's the proper protocol for this situation?
Lexi: it's not covered in my "How to live in Singapore" handbook
Jas: put your hands over your eyes and scream
Jas: I believe
Jas: while dancing around in the room
Lexi: I thought about it, but it seemed like a wasted effort
Jas: hmm
Lexi: the real problem is that it's disappeared behind my desk
Jas: how could you make friends with it? do you have anything it might want?
Lexi: my life?
Jas: like cookies?
Jas: well, I guess anything you'd be willing to give to keep it satisfied
Jas: so that it doesn't take that
Lexi: I have a banana
Jas: hmm
Lexi: Maybe if I can't see it, it doesn't exist
Jas: true with some lizards
Jas: but not all
Jas: more likely, it's calling all its friends
Jas: and amassing an army to make an assault on your banana
Jas: if you suspend it from a nylon string from your fan in the middle of the room, and turn on the fan, it'll probably be safe
Jas: because the lizards won't climb through the fan
Jas: little known fact
Lexi: ha!
Lexi: My roommate entered, seemed quite calm, and exited. She said they live here, too. Or something to that extent. I may be taking paraphrasing liberties.
Jas: sure, they live here
Jas: that doesn't mean you should let them coexist peacefully
Jas: that's what they /want/
Lexi: I'll stage a coup at some point
Jas: I'm pretty sure you're only required to keep one roommate
Jas: so you could probably keep the lizard and kick out the girl
Jas: if you want

This concludes the Lonesome Lizard drama.
Thank you for joining us.

Come back next week when we meet the Tailless Tomcat and the Calm Cockroach of NTU!


  1. Jason: tu es drôle! Your sly/sarcastic comments are funnier in the digital world for some reason.

  2. :p. this kind of thing tends to happen late at night when I'm liable to make more bad jokes.